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Health & New Media Research (HNMR) is dedicated to ensuring peer review integrity and maintaining the highest review standards. This Peer Review Policy outlines our principles and procedures for peer review, emphasizing transparency, objectivity, and ethical conduct.

Peer Review Process

Data Availability Statement (Starting from Volume 8(2). For submissions from Volume 8(2), 2024, onwards, the initial suitability assessment will also verify the inclusion of a Data Availability Statement in the manuscript, as per our updated data sharing policy.

Initial Suitability Assessment: When a manuscript is submitted, we conduct an initial assessment to check its suitability, including its alignment with HNMR's aim and scope and a plagiarism check.

Selection of Reviewers: Reviewers are selected based on their expertise in the subject matter of the submitted manuscript. They must have no conflicts of interest that could compromise their objectivity.

Assuming the manuscript is sent to reviewers, Health & New Media Research waits to receive opinions from at least two reviewers. In addition, if deemed necessary, a review of statistics may be requested.

Double-Blind Review: The Journal conducts a double-blind peer review, where both the reviewers and authors remain anonymous to each other. Reviewers are instructed to maintain confidentiality.

Review Criteria: Review criteria for all manuscripts are based on the quality and originality of the research and its scientific significance. Reviewers provide constructive and unbiased feedback to authors. Acceptance of the manuscript is decided based on their critiques and recommended decisions.

General Timeline: An initial suitability assessment decision is typically made within 2 weeks of receiving a manuscript.

A decision from the 1st round review will normally be made within 4 weeks of receipt of a manuscript, and the reviewers' comments are sent to the corresponding author by e-mail.

"If the decision from the first-round review requires revisions (minor or major), authors must submit the revised manuscript based on reviewers' comments. The corresponding author should indicate the changes made in response to the reviewers' comments item by item in the response letter. Failure to resubmit the revised manuscript within 4 weeks of the editorial decision will result in withdrawal.

A final decision on acceptance/rejection for publication is forwarded to the corresponding author from the editor within 8 weeks of receipt of a manuscript.

HNMR Review Process
<HNMR Review Process>
*Note. The time indicated in the flow chart are approximate.

Editorial Decision

The Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with the Associate Editors, makes a final decision based on the peer review reports, the manuscript's merit, and alignment with the journal's scope.

Author Response & Appeals

Authors have the opportunity to respond to reviewers' comments and revise their manuscripts accordingly.

Authors have the right to appeal an editorial decision, which will be reviewed by the Editorial Board or Associate Editors.

Authors are required to thoroughly address any feedback or queries related to the Data Availability Statement when revising their manuscripts.

Ethical Oversight

The journal maintains ethical oversight of the peer review process and addresses any concerns related to conflicts of interest, ethical violations, or allegations of misconduct in a transparent and accountable manner. Ethical oversight includes ensuring that all manuscripts comply with our data sharing policy, including the provision of a Data Availability Statement where applicable.


All parties involved in the peer review process, including authors, reviewers, and editorial staff, are expected to uphold the confidentiality of submitted manuscripts. Confidentiality extends to all aspects of the review process, including any data shared by authors in support of their manuscript.

Review and Update

This Peer Review Policy is periodically reviewed and updated to align with best practices and evolving ethical standards in scholarly publishing.

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