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Publication Fees
Health & New Media Research (HNMR) is dedicated to promoting open access and ensuring that academic research remains freely accessible to all interested readers worldwide. As part of this commitment, the Health & New Media Research Institute currently provides full financial support for the publication of HNMR, ensuring that our authors can disseminate their work without financial barriers.

Current Policy:

  • No Article Processing Charges (APC): At present, HNMR does not charge authors an article processing charge (APC) for submitting or processing articles.
  • No Submission Fees: HNMR does not require any fees at submission or at any point during the review and publication process.

Future Considerations:

  • APC Policy Review: While HNMR does not currently charge APCs, we may review this policy in the future as part of our sustainability strategy. Any potential changes will be communicated well in advance and will be implemented with a clear structure to maintain fairness and transparency.
  • Continued No Submission Fees: HNMR is committed to not charging submission fees. This policy will remain in effect to avoid any perception of being a predatory journal and to support the accessibility of academic publishing.
  • Commitment to Transparency: Any future APC structure would be designed to be competitive and justifiable, reflecting the value of the services provided. Transparency regarding the use of such fees will be ensured.

Continued Open Access: Regardless of any future changes to the APC policy, HNMR will remain an open access journal, committed to the principles of the Budapest Open Access Initiative. Accessibility and dissemination of scholarly work will continue to be our top priority.

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